Ionesco Plays: Poster Image

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Atelier Community Theatre hired me to design imagery for the advertising of their latest production, two plays by Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Vasile Nedelcu, the plays ‘The Chairs’ and ‘The Lesson’ will feature in the Camden Fringe Festival this August.

Get full details here: or search Facebook for Ionesco at the Camden Fringe.

It’s been a real pleasure designing for Atelier. I had several ideas based on the research I did that showed Ionesco to be an absurdist playwright with a love of puppetry and grotesquery.  The plays themselves are one-act pieces featuring people who struggle to make sense of the world, and can be horrendously cruel, but the stories are told with humour and surrealism. The group liked the ‘China Doll with Cracks, Glass and Newspaper’ image best so we went with that and here is the result.

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing Corin and the others treading the boards in Camden. And thanks to Atelier for giving me the opportunity for such a fun project.

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