A Baby at the Studio

Baby at the studio

Sleeping or no, I can still paint.

I have found that taking my baby to the art studio is working quite well and I am able to do some painting with her there.

She can sleep, or stay in the basket playing with toys, or sit on my hip carrier as I paint. I can even work at the table on smaller icons as I nurse her. (Thank you nursing pillow!)

I can’t do portrait work but the icons are so tightly designed that it is easy enough to work in short bursts.

(I am trying to make the most of this time – I think when she is crawling it will be rather different…but sorting our house out is also taking up a lot of time)

Having the baby has also focused my mind so I have to use the time I do get to best effect, and this also is good for my art practice. She has also inspired ideas for work and as she grows I want her to see that adults can continue do art and its not just for children. At this tender age she seems to enjoy looking at the paintings too. Interesting patterns.

I hope this encourages other artists with babies or thinking of babies to realise that It Will Be OK.

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