Hugh’s Hands

This is hugh again. with the starting point being the hands.

Hugh's Hands


New Folk

Kath the Folk Singer

Kath the Folk Singer

Kath is a folk singer. At the beginning of the year we agreed with each other and respective husbands to aim for certain goals, hers was to do a gig and mine was to have an exhibition. She has done it, and this is from her first gig, in Sussex at the internationally acclaimed Forest Row festival.

My exhibition opportunity is languishing. But there are two months left, it could still happen!

New Child Portraits in Progress

A child portrait charcoal sketchI have a flurry of child portrait commissions on. It is so much fun working with kids although they don’t sit still but I have found that this is ok. I seem to be able to draw from moments. I take snapshots in my head as I work and hold on to them to draw with. Then if a part of it is not clear in my head I watch and wait for the moment when their face is in the right place and SNAP I take another image in my head.

Another amazing thing I have discovered is that I actually enjoy working in public. At the Kew Fete I held a couple of egg tempera painting demonstrations and I made artworks in public and I loved being there.

So I have plans to start working outdoors and in public more often.

This girl is totally enchanting.