Pop Video Ideas

These sketches are concepts for a planned Pop Video. These costumes could be quite ambitious so if you would like to be involved – and we are looking for a sponsor too – do get in touch!

We have a great team lined up to write, sing, play, shoot, sew and edit.

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forever baby

forever baby - a short animation

is Tilly still out there?

When I was about six, I adopted an endangered turtle through Friends of the Earth Cyprus. I just made a short animation about it.

Watch forever baby on Shooting People

Climate Change Animation


Last week I was shortlisted to make a climate change animation as an educational tool for indigenous peoples in the humid tropics.

I got very excited about this project – commissioned by LifeMosaic – and started making lists of types of animals and plants that are present in all tropical continents – so that the images would be as accurate and universal as possible. I wanted also to communicate in a story-telling rather than literal way, with the earth made into a character with different landscapes on its face.

Unfortunately for me someone else got the job in the end, but it has made me realise how very much I want to work on rainforest projects and I will see if I can revive a couple of old ideas about books and stories from the forests that I had during the Shiwiar project so long ago. The illustrations in the gallery are from that time, the storyboards the recent work.

In the meantime I am also getting more involved with local environmental projects like the anottment and helping at an art club for kids.

But nothing beats the intensity of the jungle systems.


A small self portrait

A small self portrait

I made this small self portrait today. Watch it at http://shootingpeople.org/watch/film.php?film_id=84211

Commentary: a friend asked,”what does it mean” and i answered:

This film is I suppose a comment on the fragility of life, its strange ethereal emanence, it is an image of the border between physical and spiritual reality.

I found a way of moving the camera so the face looks ghostly or unreal, movingin an unnatural way and floating off into the sky, and the quality is so poor that the image dissolves in places but at the same time you know there is someone there at least until the end. whether any of that actually works for anyone else is another matter. I do like using poor quality film and making things in a very light and totally unpolished way. i think it retains energy, makes it possible, and also has a kind of reality to it that is more real than when things are all slick and polished and smooth and sexy, which is how almost all imagery and film we see is done. i am interested in the fragile and delicate reality behind the hard, shiny appearances.

I Am A Great Man

Bill Clinton swallows his words

Bill Clinton eats his words

So there is a film coming out soon about politics, and I am making some animated sequences for the titles, involving cartoons of major political events in the past decade or three.

There are trailers for the film here:


and here:


A Moving Portrait of Anna

On Saturday evening I worked with Anna to begin her portrait. She got out lots of objects that represent things that are important to her, like freedom, creativity, writing, and monkeys. I took a lot of photos and made a couple of drawings. I have made the photos into a short film which you can watch on Shooting People: