forever baby

forever baby - a short animation

is Tilly still out there?

When I was about six, I adopted an endangered turtle through Friends of the Earth Cyprus. I just made a short animation about it.

Watch forever baby on Shooting People


Climate Change Animation


Last week I was shortlisted to make a climate change animation as an educational tool for indigenous peoples in the humid tropics.

I got very excited about this project – commissioned by LifeMosaic – and started making lists of types of animals and plants that are present in all tropical continents – so that the images would be as accurate and universal as possible. I wanted also to communicate in a story-telling rather than literal way, with the earth made into a character with different landscapes on its face.

Unfortunately for me someone else got the job in the end, but it has made me realise how very much I want to work on rainforest projects and I will see if I can revive a couple of old ideas about books and stories from the forests that I had during the Shiwiar project so long ago. The illustrations in the gallery are from that time, the storyboards the recent work.

In the meantime I am also getting more involved with local environmental projects like the anottment and helping at an art club for kids.

But nothing beats the intensity of the jungle systems.

I Am A Great Man

Bill Clinton swallows his words

Bill Clinton eats his words

So there is a film coming out soon about politics, and I am making some animated sequences for the titles, involving cartoons of major political events in the past decade or three.

There are trailers for the film here:

and here: