Egg Tempera Workshop

Egg Workshop in Kew Studio

Egg Workshop in Kew Studio

The first egg tempera workshop went very well and all participants want to come back for more…comments like

great fun and so peaceful and relaxing (and organised!)


really enjoyed the course, thank you so much.  It was good to be working at that scale and to be able to learn the traditional methods of egg tempera.  Very enlightening and I have today bought a few powdered pigments to experiment with! I would very much like to be on the list for October…”

are very encouraging.

If you’d like to have a go at trying the basics of egg tempera and some icon painting techniques, get in touch by leaving a comment or emailing sarah *at* and I will let you know the next sessions in Kew.

Thanks to all you enthusiastic egg learners and to Eloiza for the picture.


Summer Art Workshops

Summer Art Workshops

Summer Art Workshops - 11 July and 29 August - Bookbinding and Icon Painting

SUNDAY 29 August – Learn to use Egg Tempera with traditional Icon Painting techniques.Make a small painting using egg, vinegar, and pigments. Learn to prepare the board, design and place an image, make and apply the paint, handle and clean the brushes and varnish the painting. Take home a small icon or other painting. View samples I have done on my website.

If you missed the Bookbinding Workshop but would like to learn how to use recycled or new materials to make your own sketchbooks, notebooks and even publish your own work – get in touch – I will be running more workshops in the autumn.

How can you possibly resist!